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Usage Policy

Social Media Usage In The Public Sector By Consumer

Social media network (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is accessible from 1.00 - 2.00 p.m and after 5.30 p.m. Social Media Usage is subject to the following guideline :

  • Ensuring that content does not conflict with Government policy;
  • Making social networking sites as media promote and publicize matters relating to the Government;
  • Ensure that the content and suitability, and the have an interest to be notified to the public;
  • Ensure that the frequency of updating information and ensure it is relevant;
  • Eliminate content and information received from the public which are not relevant to the agency activities;
  • Ensure that the link between the website and content social network and the official website of the agency shall clear and not overlapping;
  • Using the agency's official logo on the website social networks;
  • Using e-mail in web profile social networks;
  • Using pictures and / or video that can be clarify the message to be conveyed in appropriate circumstances;
  • Insert description of the photo and / or video used to assist the search by consumers;
  • Using the word copyright in all photo content and / or video;
  • Using short sentences, concise, accurate and clearly defined; and
  • Provide disclosures denial (disclaimer) for any damages in the event experienced by users when using the network website social.

Consumer Agency

  • Achieving social networking site only agency in connection with official business at the time office;
  • Using complete sentences and clear meaning;
  • Does not display the sensitive issues like religion, political and racial and defamatory or agitation;
  • Does not display the statements that can affect the government's; dan
  • ot to use the social networking website for embarrass individuals.

Network Administrator

  • To ensure that content filtering management is always function in filtering access to websites social networks that are not related to the use of official agencies; dan
  • Monitor and analyze transactions access agency users on social networking sites outside so as not to interfere with network performance agencies.

* Source : Best Practices Social Media Usage in the Public Sector Network

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