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ICU JPM Client Charter


"ICUJPM Will Provide Excellent Service, Quality, And Integrity In Governance Best Practices To Effectively  Based On The Following Client Charter" :


1.  To produce performance report of the Five Year Development Plan Project within 3 days upon request.
2.  To produce outcome evaluation program/projects report within 3 months upon agreement to the term of reference.
3.  To response within three days after receiving the agencies application for the outcome evaluation consultation.
4.   To provide advisory, consultative and technical support services for the projects planning, implementation and monitoring within three days upon request.
5.  To provide Cabinet Memorandum review to Ministry within 10 days from the notice's receipt date.
6.  To provide answer within three days for the project application received through eKhas.
7.  Generate list of Poor/Hardcore Poor Head of Household (KIR) profiles from eKasih within 2 days after all requirements has been clarified and finalized.

8.  To response within three days on request to hold SPP II training.
9.  To provide initial response within a day for the application/complaints of ICT services received through Call Centre.
10.  To response within 3 days to all public enquiry/complaints.


"If For Some Reason ICUJPM Could Not Meet Their Obligations Within The Time Promised, We Will Immediately Give Assurance To The Customer To Implement The Responsibilities In The Agreed Time."

Notes : This commitment is effective from 1st January 2014 and has been reviewed from 12th July 2014 to 22nd November 2013.


1.  Y.A.B. Prime Minister.
2.  Y.A.B. Deputy Prime Minister.
3.  Y.A.B. Chief Minister.
4.  Cabinet Members.
5.  Chief Secretary to the Government.
6.  Members of the Administrative.
7.  Ministry/Department/Federal Governtment Agencies and State & Federal Statutory Bodies.
8.  Local Leaders, Community Leaders (JKK/JKKKP/NGO).
9.  Target Group.
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